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Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS Pakistan)

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Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS)

Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS) is an online system by the Government of Pakistan to make it convenient for its citizens to find out all the relevant Online Vehicle Registration details with a single click. MTMIS makes the Online Vehicle Verification and registration system effective and efficient. MTMIS works jointly with Excise and Taxation Department to put complete data online for the convenience of the public. This MTMIS Website is for the welfare of people as it protects them from buying stolen vehicles through fraud. Legally, MTMIS Pakistan helps its citizens get access to various aspects of motor vehicle laws and automobile taxation like computerized registration, examination, fitness certificates and route permits of their motor vehicles. Driving license is also issued to citizens through this system, as well as the maintenance and automation of their criminal records. It is a system beneficial for both, buyers and sellers, as you can get updates of conformation easily to check if the vehicle you have bought has been transferred and registered to your name or not and vice versa.

What are the Functions of MTMIS

  • Collections of Provincial Taxes/Fees
  • Collections of Federal Taxes
  • Online Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Online Dealer Vehicle Registration System for Dealers
  • Dealer Vehicle Registration System for Customer

Benefits of Mtmis Pakistan

No, Doubt there are a lot of benefits of MTMIS system.
First Benefit: It reduces the process of logs checking.
Second: Mtmis makes the whole procedure very clear.
Third MTMIS Pakistan drafts the right registration of automobiles on the road.
Fourth: All of this makes buying cars much easier.
For this reason, MTMIS’s facility is most positively is up to the spot. This Online Vehicle Verification System is playing the very important role in helping people to remain fear-free. No doubt, our corrupt government offices are not happy about this Online Vehicle Verification System.

The In today’s world, the transparency of the system helps public to check and hold officers accountable on any instance of corruption as you can access any detail or process just through one click. It also sets a standard and saves the public from the hassle of the spending time and money in going to the government offices and the conditions of the government officers while dealing with the costumes. In a digital and fast-paced world, it is a shift from manual system-based data to an online virtual system.

How to use MTMIS

The system itself is very user-oriented and convenient as the process is very simple. The users just need to enter the registration number of the vehicle i.e. car or bike. The system then goes through the record of the vehicle after the request is placed. Then, the details of the particular vehicle are displayed on the screen of which the registration number was entered in the system. The benefit of this is, when a buyer is buying a vehicle, he can reduce the cost of the car by checking if there are any unpaid taxes or tokens of the vehicle. Moreover, the buyer can also get access to the information like, whether the vehicle he is buying is cleared by the security agencies or not. Vehicle type, engine number, owner’s name, model year, CPLC clearance (for Sindh) and duplicity of the number plate are a few of the many details that can be checked and verified through the system just by entering one registration number of the vehicle.

MTMIS has contributed towards the betterment of Pakistan to increase transparency, public service and make it a hassle-free country. It is aimed to increase the registration of on-road motor vehicles. MTMIS is working along with Excise and Taxation Department in Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Islamabad but is, unfortunately, Baluchistan is the only province where it is not active yet.

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