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DLIMS Pakistan - Online Driving License Verification System

DLIMS Punjab

Online Driving License Verification In Punjab


Online Driving License Verification In Sindh


Online Driving License Verification In KPK

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Online Driving License Verification In Islamabad


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What is DLIMS?

DLIMS or it is also called Driving License Check, it is an Online License Verification System to locate out driver’s license information and we can also verify all the related information of the driver. With this effort of the Punjab information technology board, any driver in Punjab and DLIMS Sindh can also be verified and tracked in any corner of Punjab throughout the web, DLIMS Sindh. This system DLMIS Punjab track information technology board (PITB) has grown up and developed to 36 districts in the province of Punjab.

DLMIS Tracking License Punjab Features:

  • It is contained by centralized license services
  • It causes an increase in profit through ensuring precision
  • It controlled the crime generated by illegal vehicles
  • Through which we can find or stolen vehicle in any city of Pakistan
  • In other words, it is very powerful and helpful in the country like Pakistan

How Can We Use DLMIS?

This system can be used very easily and is quite soft too. You can use it by visiting DLMIS verified website and enter your CNIC without using dashes in the blanks and press verify, and the system will go through a process for your query. And passing through this process it will show your personal necessary result of your driving license. Instead, if you are entering wrong CNIC number then messages with these words will appear in front of the screen “License Data Not Found”, It means that you can’t find your data and personal information about driving license. If your license is found then DLIMS track delivery is so easy. So, if you want your correct information then always use correct information while finding your driving license otherwise you can’t locate your driving license, it can also be located throughout government website as well.

User Information:

  • National Identity Card or CNIC
  • Your Name
  • Number of your License
  • Father or Husband name
  • The Name of your City
  • Allowed Vehicles

  • Low Prices, No Haggling
  • Largest Car Dealership
  • Multipoint Safety Check

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